Buyer’s Home Inspection

The Buyer's Home Inspection is designed to help home buyers understand exactly what they are getting into before deciding to purchase a home. Without this inspection, buyers run the risk of hidden issues and damages in the home popping up after their purchase and requiring expensive repairs that the buyer didn't count on or budget for. Although I will tell you that as thorough as i try to be, there is no warranty or guarantee given that I will find every defect during the course of my inspection. I will do a thorough walk through inspection of the home and accessible areas to analyze each system and component's condition and uncover damages or defects. Keep in mind the purpose of a professional real estate inspection is to help the client manage risk. Unfortunately I do not possess x ray vision and cannot see through walls and other items conveniently placed before I arrive. Your inspection report I provide does not issue a Pass/Fail grade, nor is it intended to determine whether the home complies with local codes, or to report on cosmetic defects apparent to the average individual. As a home inspector I am considered a generalist who covers a wide variety of areas. The purpose of a generalist inspection is to identify any significant defects or adverse conditions that would warrant evaluation or remedy by a specialist. It provides you the information needed to make confident decisions regarding the suitability of the home for you and your family.

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