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Q. The essential basic steps for a smoother process for either Buyers Inspections or Sellers Inspections:

A.  Here are a list of all the things that a seller should consider to get their home ready for the Home Inspection by Gainey Home Inspection.

  1. Make sure the water is on. Without  an active water system there is no way to tell if the toilets will flush, the pipes will hold pressure without leaks, etc.

  2. Make sure the electricity is on. (What a bright idea!)

  3. Make sure there is clear access to all electrical panels. (Hidden panels that conceal them are hard enough to find, much less against the standards for quick access.)

  4. Make sure the gas is turned on. (That includes Propane, Oil tanks with enough supply to run the furnaces.)

  5. There should be clear access to all crawl space entrances. Unlocked with  solid covers removed or disconnected. Snow covered and deteriorated covers may not be able to be removed and replaced in the same condition.

  6. Clear and unobstructed access to all attic spaces. That includes all the painted covers cut open. Unless you want insulation and mice doo on your wedding dress and expensive suits. If it is permanently closed off I cannot open it.

  7. Leave any keys for all locked spaces are available. There is nothing worse than having to pay for a re-inspection to check areas not made available that day.

  8. Please have the sellers leave their number on the kitchen counter in case the inspector needs to contact them.

  9. Make sure all computers and sensitive equipment are turned off. Sometimes testing breakers or GFCI outlets can turn off these items.

  10. Secure all your pets or take them with yo. Sometimes they are not receptive to strangers with large flashlights.

  11. Drive the Lamborghini to work that day. Nothing worse than a failure of the overhead garage door on the priceless transportation you cherish.

  12. Make sure there is access to all the furnaces and appliances.

  13. Be prepared to be away from home for 3-5 hours. (The inspection will take as long as it takes to answer all the buyers questions and introduce them to their new home.

Q. When should I schedule My Home Inspection?

A. For Home Buyers-typically you should schedule your home inspection as soon as you have a signed agreement.

Home Sellers-When you schedule your pre-listing inspection depends on how you plan on using your pre-listing Inspection Report.If you plan on fixing any defects that may be uncovered, be sure to allow enough time to have the fixes completed.

Q. Should I attend My Home Inspection?

A. By all means..YES.

Although not required, attending your home inspection can be a valuable learning experience. While most of my clients show around the last hour of the scheduled inspection time, if you wish to arrive when it starts and follow me around for some of it, that is fine with me. The more you know about your new home the better off you will be.

You will will gain a wealth of information about your new home and how the systems in the home work. Moreover, you will have a chance to go through the home at your own pace instead of being rushed through at a showing. You can ask question of the inspector you may have about the property and get some tips on what maintenance will be need to be done.


Q. What do you look for during a Home Inspection?

A. As far as real estate transactions are concerned, I am mainly looking for material defects in the home and its systems.

The fact that a structural element, system or subsystem is near, at or beyond the end of its normal useful life is not, by itself a material defect. I look at it if it is expensive to fix, around $500 or more for most homes, or it is a safety issue no matter what the cost, it is a material defect.

  • I also will age the critical systems in your new home.

  • Approximate life expectancies, when you should budget for replacement of things like the roof, furnace and water heater.

  • How to safely operate and maintain your new home and protect your investments.

  • In addition, I will provide tips on how you may be able to improve on your new homes efficiency and answer any questions you may have.

  • As your representative I will provide an unbiased report on the condition on that time and date without being affected by any interested parties associated with the sale of your home.

  • I work for you and you alone and anything said or written in the report is confidential and not shared without your permission, whether you purchase the home or not.

  • As an added benefit, I am available for future phone consultations for as long as you own your home. If I don't know the answer to your question, I can point you toward a reputable source.


Q. What does a Gainey Home Inspection include?

A. In addition to uncovering and documenting material defects:

I inspect the roof, siding, structure, heating and cooling systems, plumbing system, electrical system, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and garages. I visually inspect virtually every accessible nook and cranny of the house, both inside and out.

We will talk about maintenance and things that you may need to budget in the future.

We will discuss possible upgrades that may improve efficiency and comfort.

I will often compare the home you are looking at to new construction to identify safety standards that were not required when your home was built. These are many times safety related items that are always encouraged to be updated over time.

I will answer any questions you may have about your new home. There will be a lot to absorb in your inspection report and encourage your questions after you have had a chance to go though it.


Q. Do You get on the Roof?

A. Yes. Assuming it is safe for me to do so.

I will not walk on a slate or wood shake roof, or a steep pitch. However I will climb a ladder and view the roof from the lower edge as well as use binoculars for the roofs I cannot traverse.

Part of a roof inspection always includes the interior view from the attic as well as the outside views.

Q. Are there minimum requirements for a Home Inspection?

A. Yes. Since we are licensed with the State of Indiana we have a Standards of Practice and also  Code of Ethics that we adhere to while working for you.

You can see these requirements at the State of Indiana website or ask me at the inspection as I always carry a copy with me.

I also am a Certified Inspector with ASHI and also use their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as a guideline.

You can view these here:

 Visit or call today to schedule your home inspection @765-744-3005

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