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What We Offer



The Buyer's Home Inspections are designed to help home buyers understand exactly what they are getting into before deciding to purchase a home. Without this inspection, buyers run the risk of hidden issues and damages in the home popping up after their purchase and requiring expensive repairs that the buyer didn't count on or budget for. Although I will tell you that as thorough as I try to be, there is no warranty or guarantee given that I will find every defect during the course of my inspection. I will do a thorough walk through inspection of the home and accessible areas to analyze each system and component's condition and uncover damages or defects. Keep in mind the purpose of a professional real estate inspection is to help the client manage risk. Unfortunately I do not possess x ray vision and cannot see through walls and other items conveniently placed before I arrive. Your inspection report I provide does not issue a Pass/Fail grade, nor is it intended to determine whether the home complies with local codes, or to report on cosmetic defects apparent to the average individual. As a home inspector I am considered a generalist who covers a wide variety of areas. The purpose of a generalist inspection is to identify any significant defects or adverse conditions that would warrant evaluation or remedy by a specialist. It provides you the information needed to make confident decisions regarding the suitability of the home for you and your family.



Sellers can benefit greatly from having a home inspection prior to listing their home for sale. A pre-listing or Seller Inspections will significantly reduce your risk by eliminating last minute repairs or allowances that can slow down the selling process. One of the key benefits of having the inspection done early is that if there are any problems discovered that need to be repaired, you can have the repairs done on your own terms and on your own schedule. When a problem isn't found until the buyer has an inspection performed, the deal you've worked so hard to get done may fall apart unless you act quickly to get the repairs done. Or you may have to take a lower price in order to keep the deal moving forward. In either case, you'll almost certainly have more headaches, and spend more money, than if you'd known about the problem and had it repaired before negotiations began. You could save thousands by simply being able to shop around and get competitive quotes from contractors, rather than being forced to paying for a rush job at the last minute. You can also benefit from simply offering certain items as is. Often you can negotiate with a buyer to accept items in the current condition by stipulating that they are reflected in the purchase price. But at the same buyer may walk away from the deal if the conditions come as a surprise, after an offer has already been made and accepted.


I encourage my clients to attend their home inspection. Most of my clients don't show up until the last hour of the inspection while some prefer to attend the entire process. Either way is fine with me. The more you know about your new home the better prepared you will be to live there.

In addition to inspecting major components of the house, I will also provide you with a wealth of information on what routine maintenance is required to keep your new home in top condition.

It will take between two and three hours to inspect a typical house. The age, square footage, foundation type and location all play a part in the fees charged. A short phone call to me at 765-744-3005 will answer those and any other questions you may have.

The following areas will be inspected as long as they are visible and safely accessible:

  • Roof including gutters and downspouts

  • Structural Components

  • Foundation and crawl space

  • Exterior including cladding, doors, and windows

  • Deck, Porch and Patio

  • Driveways and Walkways

  • Attached Garage

  • Fireplace and Chimneys

  • Interior including doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, and stairs

  • Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation

  • Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Heating and Cooling systems

  • Built In Appliances

After my walk through I usually talk over the results in the home going over some of the key pictures and concerns I found. After returning the the office I take all the information I gathered and create a comprehensive report to include the pictures. Your completed report is usually emailed to you the same evening.

Usually the next day I take some additional time to go over the report the second time to clarify comments, add arrows to the pictures and improve on what information is there for your ease of use.

As an added service to my clients, I am available for future phone consultations for as long as you own your home, free of charge.

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